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Welcome to the customer friendly world of Credible advice, assistance is extended on retail loans such as personal loans, consumer durable loans, vehicle loans, home loans, education loans for individuals who are salaried, in business or are professional and self-employed. For Small Business and MSME customers, help is at hand to avail trade finance by way of Cash Credit, Overdraft, Demand Loan or Term Loan. Setting up an industry in SSI or Medium  sector is a more daring step particularly in Indian Environment. BankRuna does handholding by way of techno-economic feasibility study, evaluating risks and facilitating smooth finance for plant, machinery, civil structure and also working capital. Financing dark spots are also advised so that the entrepreneur takes preemptive steps to avert the same. Advice is also rendered for availing non-fund based facilities such as Bank Guarantee, Letter of Credit. 

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Project Financing Consultants

Project Financing basically involves financing in a larger scale the total project from drawing board stage to the commercial production. More emphasis is laid in assessing the techno-economic viability of the project and its ability to generate adequate cash flow by way of income so as to take care of the repayment. Normally in project financing, the thrust on collateral securities is less than the vanilla financing. Project financing involves normally a host of banks, FIs operating under the legal umbrella of Consortium lending or multiple financing. PPP (Public Private Partnership) projects are a special branch of project financing. In general, Power Plants, Highway roads, bridges, hospitals, large water treatment plants fall under the ambit of PPP. Here project assets and its revenue stream are relied upon for repayment. At the end of the concession period, the private company returns the assets to the Government. Concession period is so calculated so as to enable the private company to pay off the debt and return ownership to its original owner. Large shopping malls are also executed and financed under a similar model known as BOLT. Read more

Bank NPA Consultants, Stressed Assets Advisors

We also assist existing bank borrowers on matters of  irregular & sticky accounts, NPA and Suit filed accounts, bad loans and credit card loans. Particular care is taken of those embroiled in DRT and SARFAESI or Securitization cases. Help is at hand to reschedule and restructure the accounts or to apply for OTS and compromise proposals to Bank. In case of need, legal assistance is provided to tide over the pressure mounted for seizure of assets. We act as consultants for BIFR & AIFA cases. Our expert team undertakes complex CDR proposals or Corporate Debt Restructuring cases involving financial, banking and legal expertise. On the Whole, is a trustworthy NPA consultant and advisor for OTS proposals, legal help, restructuring of loans  where borrowers from all across India have sought assistance. Timely intervention in Bad loans is very crucial as otherwise the borrower is most likely to loose his business, his money and face countless humiliation. Approach us before it is too late.

Bank Loan takeover Counsellors

Sanction of fresh loans, enhancement of existing credit facilities in Banks in India is still person driven rather than system driven. By this, we mean that under the stewardship of a particular Branch head, Regional or Zonal Head, certain borrowers or consultants find greater comfort in credit related matters and once the person changes, priority shifts to a different set of Consultants and Borrowers. Some Banks are making sincere effort to make credit delivery more system driven so that presence or absence of an executive or officer in sanction desk does not bring much change to the system of accepting, evaluating and ultimately sanctioning loan proposals. Effort of SBI in this respect deserves special mention. Largely because of the above factors, borrowers shift Bank when they no longer get the attention of Bank that they used to get. Borrowers also shift to avail more finance under terms that are more favorable to them. With rapid increase in businesses, opening of more Bank Branches, takeover of loan accounts have become more frequent. Bank Loan takeover falls into 2 major categories -- (1) Takeover of Home loans or Mortgage Loans and other retail loan products such as  vehicle, personal loans. (2) Takeover of Trade & Project loans under solo lending, multiple lending and Consortium Finance. Now RBI has come out with a set of guidelines to streamline and standardize the take over procedure. Read more  here.

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CIBIL SCORE - guidance

CIBIL Score of an individual as borrower, guarantor is of utmost importance for Banks to decide whether fresh loan, enhancement of existing loan is to be entertained and considered. A damaged or poor CIBIL score can undermine  credit sanction. Errors in the Cibil Score can reduce your prospect of availing loans. Our experts analyze your scores, find out where you have gone horribly wrong and assist you in proper interpretation and  resolution of  the credit issues so that your credit tracks are made better. We also assist in correction of errors that impair your score through no fault of yours. For further query, click here.


NBFCs are Non Banking Finance Companies engaged in Financing various activities . They are registered under Companies Act , 1956 and are also registered with Reserve Bank of India to carry financing activities .Their main functions can be categorized into :--

ʘ Funding activities such as Housing finance, Equipment leasing, hire purchase financing of vehicles and equipments, Granting various types of retail loans, factoring services and venture capital financing etc

ʘ Fee based activities such as portfolio management, Loan Syndication, Mergers & Acquisitions, Credit Rating etc .

ʘ They also include Mutual Benefit Finance Companies notified by Govt. under Section 620A of the Companies Act, 1956.

 If you are interested in exploring the  loan facilities provided by NBFCs, pl. contact us


Private equity funds concentrate their main focus of financing on  unique business models that cater to consumption and service needs of the Indian Consumer or are enablers of various infrastructure such as education, health care, financial requirements or technology. We act as facilitators for evaluating & guiding your business to be eligible for PE Fund financing, then scouting appropriate PE funds and taking the process forward. To know more, contact us.


Now a days, for sanction of any fresh credit limit or enhancement of existing credit limits, credit rating exercise is undertaken by banks to arrive at a credit decision and also to determine the rate of interest if sanction is accorded. Normally there are 2 types of rating exercises i.e. 1) Internal credit rating exercise for almost all types of loans and 2) External credit rating exercise by rating agencies such as CRISIL, ICRA , CARE etc. for limits above a threshold amount which is at present is Rs 500 lac for most of the banks. If the rating is below a certain critical level, sanction is not accorded. For those accounts where sanction is given, rate of interest is higher for lower rated borrowers and lower for higher rated borrowers.Normally for takeover loans, the required minimum CRISIL rating is BBB. For rating syntax, click here.


This is a novel product offered by BankRuna. Our experts analyze your business strengths and weaknesses and also make a SWOT analysis of your financial resources so as to launch a growth path for you in a time frame of 2-3 years. The job involves vetting your business plan, drawing a financial module to fructify the same , roadmap of funding & banking behaviour and formulation of  risk management guidelines . To know more, contact us.

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