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The Bank Loan Space has become more complex and risky with the enactment of Securitisation Laws (SARFAESI) and government's emphasis on quick reduction of Non Performing Assets. Hence it remains the responsibility of big ticket borrowing companies to identify early symptoms of sickness and take preventive and corrective measures to avert sickness and NPA. Loan restructuring and timely infusion of funds is important in this regard. CDR or corporate Debt Restructuring is an effective instrument in the hands of the borrower as well as the Banker to timely intervene and rectify an adverse loan repayment situation., being equipped with experts from Banking Industry and Accounting Industry, can act as a reliable consultant to negotiate and finalize CDR proposals and guide corporates for timely intervention through CDR. For further details, contact us.


*  Corporate Debt Restructuring Cases must be genuine. Borrowers indulging in fraud, misfeasance are not eligible. Willful defaulters are not normally eligible. However, their cases may be considered under exceptional circumstances if the CORE GROUP is satisfied that the borrower would be in a position to rectify the willful default if granted an opportunity under CDR.

* Loans sanctioned under multiple banking accounts or under syndication / consortium mechanism are only eligible. All Banks and FIs together should have an aggregate exposure of minimum Rs 10 crore.

*  Standard but irregular, Sub-Standard and even Doubtful assets are covered. Category-I borrowers are those with standard / sub - standard assets and Category-II borrowers are those with Doubtful assets. Even accounts where cases are filed in DRT / BIFR / Other Suit-filed cases are eligible for restructuring under CDR.

* The corporate must be facing financial difficulties because of factors beyond its control or due to certain internal reasons.

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CDR Consultants

At BankRuna, we monitor the loan portfolio of the corporate on quarterly basis and sound them about the early signals of distress which normally the insider staff are unable to perceive. All corrective steps are formulated. If situation so warrants, a pre-CDR action plan is chalked out ( very unique in India) and strategize so that one can fall back upon it without any loss of time if situation so warrants. The success of Corporate Debt Restructuring depends on the synergy of top management of the company and consultants as banks have their own compulsions and may not be able to assist if the plans are not properly identified and drawn.                                        Read more

Bank NPA Consultants, Stressed Assets Advisors

We also assist existing bank borrowers on matters of  irregular & sticky accounts, NPA and Suit filed accounts, bad loans and credit card loans. Particular care is taken of those embroiled in DRT and SARFAESI or Securitization cases. Help is at hand to reschedule and restructure the accounts or to apply for OTS and compromise proposals to Bank. In case of need, legal assistance is provided to tide over the pressure mounted for seizure of assets. We act as consultants for BIFR & AIFA cases. Our expert team undertakes complex CDR proposals or Corporate Debt Restructuring cases involving financial, banking and legal expertise. On the Whole, is a trustworthy NPA consultant and advisor for OTS proposals, legal help, restructuring of loans  where borrowers from all across India have sought assistance. Timely intervention in Bad loans is very crucial as otherwise the borrower is most likely to loose his business, his money and face countless humiliation. Approach us before it is too late.



This is a novel product offered by BankRuna. Our experts analyze your business strengths and weaknesses and also make a SWOT analysis of your financial resources so as to launch a growth path for you in a time frame of 2-3 years. The job involves vetting your business plan, drawing a financial module to fructify the same , roadmap of funding & banking behaviour and formulation of  risk management guidelines . To know more, contact us.

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