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This loan helpdesk will primarily assist you in  addressing your doubts on  loan related matters. We have categorized the Loan Concerns into 4 broad segments-

  • Loan Sanction Related Matters

  • Bad Loan Related Matters

  • Grievance with respect to Loan Related services of Banks, FIs

  • Miscellaneous Loan Related Issues

Loan Sanction- fresh & enhancements

Loan requirement determination and Loan Sanction are critical financial as well as strategic decisions both by the Lender and the borrower. Mis-judgment in decisions can push the borrower to a debt trap and make the loan bad for the lender. We have identified some areas of concern below ---

♦  Bank, branch identification for loan, loan sketch by prospective borrower

♦  Procurement of Application forms, filling the same

♦  Discussion with Bank on CIBIL, Securities, general loan parameters

♦  Submission of Application

♦  Preliminary scrutiny, Legal opinion, valuations etc

♦  Processing, Query, Reply etc

♦  Various stage evaluation / recommendation

♦  Sanction

Bad Loans - Irregular loans, NPAs, SARFAESI, DRT cases

Bad loan related queries normally evolve around non allowing excess, adhoc in cash credit accounts, adjusting the entire credit proceeds in the account without allowing any drawing. Another grievance area is that Bank declares the account as NPA without giving adequate opportunity to the borrower to improve or itself taking restructuring exercise. Then there are issues of 13(2) notice, 13(4) notice under Securitisation Laws, physical possession & sale of assets. There is case of parallel continuation of DRT cases.

Loan Grievances

This is the most diversified area where there can be dissatisfaction over delay in loan processing, non-acceptance of proposal, rejection of proposal without assigning any convincing reason, behavioral aspect of sanctioning authorities, dissatisfaction with consultants etc.

Misc. Loan Related Issues

Can be anything under the Sun. While filling up the contact form, please specify the exact issues in brief.

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