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How BankRuna can help you in VC Funding ?

If You have a project which is unique & novel and uses technology , business acumen , creativity in a way that is out of the ordinary and at the same time, you find it difficult to access normal channels of Funding because of lack of capital and other securities, we assist you in tapping alternate sources of funding including Venture Capital Funding.

* Techno-Economic Feasibility study of the project
* Assessment of Promoter capability
* Detailed road-map for availing finance.
* Identification of VCs and presentation before the VC firms & PE Firms

* Legal documents for Start-ups VC Funding

  in association with )

* Turnkey consultancy.
* Funding assistane for early stage start-ups & later stage expansions
* Facilitating access to latest software tools
* Advice on how to pitch in Business Proposal
* Introduction to Prospective customers

There are several VC funds , PE players, Technology Incubators who are on the look out for promising projects and various tie-ups are possible. Some provide seed capital which can be used as margins for availing traditional credit while others finance fresh start ups.

Funding Pattern of VC Funds

VC Funds and PE Funds normally invest in Start-ups which are technologically innovative and hold out promise of high growth. Typical investment horizon is 3-5 years though same can stretch to 10 years. Exit is before or through IPO's or through M&As. Return expected is very high by way of manifold increase in value of shares and commensurate with the high risk these funds take.

Who are the Target ?

Idea-stage entrepreneurs-- Those with a great idea and have proof of concept that a viable business can be built around it.

Start-ups & Early-stage enterprises --  having a great idea, built a good team and are scouting for funds to build their businesses

Growth-stage enterprises -- seeking capital infusion or  second round of funding to expand, diversify or consolidate their businesses

Ventures of interest to VC Funds--

*Mobile Applications  * Telecom / Wireless Technology  * Embedded Software  * Web Applications

* Consumer Internet * E-Commerce  * Low Capex Semi-conductors * Enterprise Software (SaaS)

* Life Science * Clean Environment  * Health Care & Pharma  * Financial Solutions


Basic Eligibility for VC Funding


* Compelling Idea

* Capable team

* Market Opportunity

* Technology

* Competitive Advantage

* Financial Projections

* Validation


What we impart to Enterprise ?

help in raising funds. In the fund raising process, following legal formalities are taken care of -- preparation of information memorandum, Due Diligence Report, Term Sheet, Definitive Agreements, Financial Closure.

In case of capital market financing options, pre-IPO stage -I formalities such as planning & preparing the company, appointment of lead managers, due diligence review and stage-II formalities such as IPO pricing, key disclosures in offer documents, Financial Certifications etc are taken care of.

After raising funds, structuring investments, creating value as Board Member and chalking out exit pathways are vetted by us.
  Complete cycle of VC funding has 3 major arms--

1. Identification, assessment of LLPs.

2. Fund due diligence criteria

3. Fund investment terms


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